Navigating our new normal

Wow it’s good to get 2020 out the way as that was a year and a half and although it’s been a bit up and down to start the year, as least the sun is still shining and we live in a beautiful part of the world.

As a nation, we’ve endured and survived (or still surviving) but as women by our very nature to care, organise, sort and juggle in many cases, we have borne the brunt of things as we have had to increase the number of hats we wear and keep changing them too (who thought we could?). So, from home schooling, zoom meetings, morning teas, loads of washing, getting dinner ready, walking the dog, check on a neighbour…the list for each family might be slightly different but the list is never ending in every home we know. So, you might say it’s been a tad rough.

On the outside we may be showing only a few signs of fraying edges but, generally speaking, we tend to keep on going and put that smile back on our faces and walk tall.

But what’s really happening on the inside during this period of prolonged stress?

We’ve managed our lives in a completely different way and the challenges just keep coming.

Where we used to plan ahead and make time for holidays and events, we’re sort of thrown off course a bit with the need to have contingency plans or easy to cancel or postpone events. The planning has completely gone out the window and what we are left with is a series of questions which instead of having a simple answer is often followed by merely another question and more questions – some of which we are unable to answer.

This in its own right, makes us feel on edge, out of control and maybe even a tad vulnerable.

We now have questions to ask ourselves, questions we have never had to pose to ourselves much before because normally we would have this planned.

Whoever you are or whatever you do we whether you’re a career woman, a busy mum or a juggling mum managing home and work, we all ask ourselves these questions.

Finding our way through an already stressful time is bound to make those stress levels quadruple and hey if you need another piece of chocolate and don’t feel like going for a walk tonight then hey – be kind to yourself!


How we manage our stress is so important as when we are in a state of stress our bodies make cortisol, which is often known as the stress hormone along with our other stressful hormone friend adrenaline.

These two hormones together create a natural fight or flight response, which can be why when things get way too stressful you want to run away and hide. It’s only natural.

Despite how it sometimes feels, we are not looking outside our back door readying ourselves for a fight like our ancestors did. In years gone by, the need to fight off a predator and live the hunter gatherer lifestyle led to humans developing the fight or flight response.

This kind of fight or flight response was how we know we used to live. But once the threat was over, we then allowed ourselves some time to recoup and our bodies to revive themselves. Not at any stage did we live in a perpetual state of fight or flight with our everyday life.

Normal levels of cortisol are released when you wake up, it’s the bodies way of saying “Start your day”. The normal levels help to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In small doses, cortisol may help with your memory and help manage pain levels.

The problem with living in a high stress mode is this can throw off your hormone balance leaving you feeling even more out of whack. This high stress mode can create some crazy issues in our bodies.

Issues like:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Stomach issues – bloating etc
  • Feeling anxious or sad
  • Weight gain
  • Even trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.

These issues are associated with ongoing stress within the body may lead to a hormonal imbalance, allowing our hormones run wild.

What our bodies do and how they keep going and going is tremendous and somewhat beyond me!

Stress is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t have to throw you completely out of balance and make life even more difficult to manage.

When your hormones, Oestrogen and Progesterone, are balanced, this means cortisol and adrenaline tend to calm a bit more and not take hold for longer than necessary.

We all need to reset so take some time out for you this sometime even if it’s only a 15-minute walk,

10 deep breaths to re-oxygenate your body effectively … do it just stop for a second and take 10 deep breaths In and Out, In and Out – that’s two keep going you can do 10! (ignore the noises from the other rooms or even right beside you 😊)

Chat to those loved ones you can’t touch and hug the ones you can.

If you’re still feeling a little “off” and feel like you might need some extra help, NuWoman might be the option for you.

So how can NuWoman help you? So glad you asked!

NuWoman 30 PLUS is a natural supplement that is scientifically formulated to effectively regulate your hormones and help you manage your life without sending your mind and body spiraling out of control with natural ingredients that have a synergistic effect on your body:

Cimi-Max® works to regulate your hormones naturally.

Tyrosine is there to assist your adrenal and thyroid function to help with hormone balance. 

Chromium helps to support and regulate blood sugar level, enabling your body to function better.

Vitamins B6, B9 and B12, work to break down excess hormone levels allowing your body to remain balanced.

Calcium helps to maintain strong bones and carry out many important functions.

Don’t feel like you have to do this on your own and this isn’t a push to buy. It’s just that after working in this area for so many years and seeing so many women suffer hormonal imbalance particularly during the type of stress that women are under on a daily and hourly basis today and what we as women face every day.

We just want you to know you are still as strong and as vibrant and as courageous and as capable as you always are but maybe NuWoman might just make the journey a little bit easier by supporting you on the inside.

And remember, we’re here to help you help yourself.