It’s a new year with new possibilities.

You’re allowed to have doubts and concerns, it’s only natural but with a new year and new possibilities, now is the perfect time to take stock of what’s important and what your goals are.

We’re not talking New Year’s Resolutions or anything like that. They’re a little cliched and not sure we ever really stick to them. We make grand plans and ideas that fast become unattainable in the real world, outside of the holiday mode that they were made in.

We’re talking attainable, achievable goals for our own personal growth – whatever that growth looks like is up to you.

One method that the team at NuWoman quite like is “Reset. Refocus. Restart.”


Take the time to relax and unwind (you deserve it after the last year). When you empty your cup, you can take other things on, new challenges and ideas that make us smile and grow. Similar to the stress bucket we mentioned in our Midway Point blog, when your cup is full, how do you take more on? This is why a reset is important. You can shed the deadweight and take on fresh, new, important information.

A reset also helps push out and push along some of those stresses that you may have experienced. Less stress means your hormones can also start to work a bit better and get back into balance again, which we all know is hugely important for our wellbeing – both mental and physical.


Once you’ve relaxed, now is the time to look inward and see what you want to accomplish for yourself. What can you do to make your life easier or simpler? Do you want to de-clutter the house? Do you want to upskill? Do you want to make meaningful changes in your life or those around you? Whatever your goal is, whatever the change is, this can become your new focus.

Focus can be tricky, especially when life pressures and issues take hold. Keeping that consistent focus on what you want for yourself is important. Allowing yourself to lose focus is ok, just as long as you find the point to refocus. Looking after yourself and what you want for yourself is important for your wellbeing.


How you restart depends on what your choices are and what your needs are. For some people a restart may mean selling all their worldly possessions and living in a caravan. For others a restart is moving that focus onto their goals and starting to work on their needs.

As women, we all feel the pressure of daily life. Whether you’re managing a career, a household, a family or a combination of them all, we feel the pressure.

Restarting on yourself – your goals, needs, achievements, may feel selfish but a strong, content woman with her physical and mental wellbeing on track will undoubtedly allow you to maintain the focus and keep on the path that you created from a restart.


At the same time, you may start on that path but find that life has other ideas. This is where you cannot feel guilty for putting your focus on hold. Your path – your speed. What works for some, may not work for you. Putting more pressure on yourself to maintain your focus isn’t always the best and makes the idea of a restart even more daunting than it needs to be.

Your journey, your path, can only be completed at your speed. It’s ok to start your Reset, Refocus, Restart at another time. There’s never a bad time to complete the 3 R’s.  Even if you made a start and had to put things on a backburner you can always pick that R back up again once things resettle for you.

While you’re working on your Reset, Refocus and Restart path, it can’t hurt to also take stock of your health. Maybe even making your health part of the journey.

From young women in the bullet proof phase to the women being the powerhouse of life, to women who are finding perimenopause and the brain fog overwhelming and onto women transitioning through menopause. The Reset. Refocus. Restart is great for any age range.


If you make health part of your journey, don’t forget that your hormones may have taken a bit of take a hammering whilst you have been busy living life. NuWoman provides hormonal support for women of all ages and life stages from experiencing hormonal imbalances and transitioning through menopause and beyond.

Remember, life never stops but you can always take some time to yourself. Even a reset without a refocus or restart can be just as important and well needed.