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  1. A

    These supplements were the first supplements I went on and they helped so good compared to my pills from the Dr that would zombie me out and less human. What is also neat about them is I got pregnant without knowing that would happen because my hormones became balanced I wasn’t having pms symptoms. Grateful my mums friend recommended them.

  2. DP

    Tiredeness and moods. 30 PLUS is my lifesaver.

  3. TL

    I highly recommend these (NuWoman 30 PLUS). They are great if you are in peri menopause. Have just got the new menopause ones Menopause + Bone

  4. HM

    I’ve just finished my first 30 days on these pills. Honestly, my results so far have been really good. Usually, I’m a complete emotional mess, especially a week before my period. I get really low and depressed, cry all the time, have crazy mood swings and yell and rage at my partner and the kids. This month, I reckon my crazy mood swings have minimised at least by 50%. My partner thinks they’re fantastic. I also noticed that my lady parts seem to be working more than usual if you know what I mean
    I just in general feel more in control of my anger which is huge for me.
    Every month, for the last year I have random spotting from ovulation-period, but this month was the first month I haven’t had that!
    Last month I was seriously struggling to fall asleep, having trouble switching off and overthinking for hours. I swear every night I have been asleep within 2 mins of closing my eyes and have had some of the best, deep sleeps. The only downfall I have noticed is that as a sufferer of anxiety, my anxiety over the last two weeks seems to be really quite bad. This could be a complete coincidence so I’m riding this one out. I’ve told myself I’m going to do at least 3 months of nuwoman, hopefully the anxiety increase is just my body adjusting to the way my hormones are doing their thing

  5. J

    Love this product has helped me immensely