So, you may have seen her around and wondered who she is?  She may look a little younger and her pink a little lighter and to us she is the younger sister, daughter, niece, friend or special young women in our lives.

NuWoman BALANCE bought to you by the same trusted brand of NuWoman 30 PLUS.

Just in case you haven’t heard of NuWoman bear with us for just a bit of background. NuWoman 30 PLUS has been successfully supporting women both in New Zealand and internationally through their hormonal imbalance for 20 years.

NuWoman can help you escape some of the feelings you may have been experiencing such as: moodiness, sadness, feeling nervous and tense, overwhelming stress, uncontrollable anger, fatigue, trouble sleeping, even how much sugar you want to eat and helping with that hormonal acne or Premenstrual dive and when our mental wellbeing has taken a hammering.

By working to balance out “your” hormones – yes it works on an individual basis as we aren’t putting hormones into your body.  NuWoman uniquely works to support your body to get back to its own hormone balance naturally and by getting our hormones back into balance –  life seems much more enjoyable when as unique women we feel like our real selves again.

We’ve had many women share with us how they feel its saved a marriage, a relationship and even had a few women say that it has helped them get pregnant (not an intended use but a very happy side effect for them).

NuWoman 30 PLUS or as it was previously known 30 PLUS NuWoman has been a staple women’s health product in many make up bags, toiletries cabinet, vitamin box and bedside table for years. We’ve heard your feedback and felt the love for our amazing product.

So why did we need another NuWoman? Well it seems our most common comment from everywhere we look: reviews, recommendations, even chat at morning tea, is that NuWoman 30 PLUS is for women 30 and over.

“…Well I’m not 30 yet so I can’t take this.” And “I’m only 18, why would I need this?”

We realised that maybe, we were unintentionally leaving out the amazing young women who are still living the high life or studying and grinding and hustling to get ahead. The women who knew what they wanted at a young age and went for it, did the marriage and babies and are thriving and the women who are just finding their feet out of high school – working or studying, we see you.

Why on earth on would you want to try a product that literally says you’re not old enough for it? Well, the team at NuWoman had to come up with a solution as we want all women to be supported, regardless of age because hormonal imbalance doesn’t discriminate by age.

We know how effective the formulation is, so what we wanted to do was put the same great tablet into a product that was going to be a better feel for younger women, and in tackling some of those issues specific to your time of life… So if you haven’t met we’d like to introduce NuWoman BALANCE.

This amazing new product is a smaller pack size of 30 tablets, with a one a day tablet (you can take 2 if you feel you need it.)  we recommend you try one tablet to start with and see how this works for you.

Our tablet is an am & pm format, but they are exactly the same tablet, so we recommend taking your tablet in the morning with food. It also comes with a smaller price point which is easy on the bank account.

NuWoman BALANCE is available from pharmacies, online retailers and health food stores. Check out Google for more info on the retailers, that way you can see who your local retailer is.

You can also purchase them via our shop

Let us know what you think!