Have you lost that “loving feeling”?

Let’s chat about hormones and their effect on our love lives – sexually and emotionally.

When you first become sexually active, let’s say you’re in your early 20’s, sex is wild and wonderful and you can’t get enough. Waking at 2am for sex is easy then falling asleep after is perfect.

Then you find a partner, you take the path of getting married, having kids, maybe a mortgage, maybe you’re renting. Life starts to happen – the hum drum of everyday routine kicks in. You’ve got washing to hang out and fold, parent-teacher interviews to arrange and there’s a missing teddy bear that someone is screaming for while dearest husband can’t find his keys.

Life gets on top of you and the thought of sex is not even on your radar. Gradually you notice you’re not cuddling each other as often and sometimes you forget to mention that you love them. You have lost the closeness you once shared; you’ve lost that intimacy. While sex and intimacy are not the same, they do have a type of co-dependency in most relationships.

Your hormones are intrinsically linked to your sex drive or libido, in fact the two main sex hormones are Oestrogen and Testosterone. We usually associate Oestrogen as being female and Testosterone as being male but human beings produce both hormones just in lower quantities depending on their gender.

What happens when Oestrogen dominates and testosterone depletes for a woman? Women need testosterone too, as it helps to ensure we keep our libido. Your interest in sex is an important measurement of health. 40% of American women experience a low libido and disinterest in sex. Essentially your sex drive has driven itself out of the house.

How NuWoman 30 PLUS can help:

NuWoman 30 PLUS works to balance your hormones ensuring that Oestrogen doesn’t dominate other sex hormones such as testosterone. NuWoman 30 PLUS is a helping hand here – not a fix. If you have a loss of intimacy with your partner you need to start talking to them, find what works for you both. Talk, go on dates, have a night in without the kids, do something for the two of you to kick start that intimacy. Once you feel close again, you can work on the sex part. NuWoman 30 PLUS can help your hormones balance but it can’t do it alone.

NuWoman 30 PLUS is available from pharmacies, health food stores and Countdown Supermarkets nationwide. You can also find it here: https://world.30plus.co.nz/shop/