Christmas time. You’ve done everything. The house is clean, the dishes are done, the never-ending pile of washing is even up to date. Everyone is in bed except for you. Even the dog is snoring its head off. You’re utterly exhausted and almost daydreaming about bedtime.

You climb into bed, find your favourite sleep position, fluff the pillow up, lay your head down and BOOM you’re wide awake. You’re so awake you that can hear the wheels turning in your head – at least you think it’s in your head and no one is stealing the car!

This is a common occurrence for many women regardless of time of year but particularly noticeable around the silly season. With the warmer weather leaving you sweating when you want to be cosy; it’s a double whammy.

You end up asking yourself questions or realising things like: I can’t sleep, it’s too hot and now there is sweat in places that I didn’t know you could sweat from. Why have a I become a member of the sleeplessness club? Am I not doing enough during the day? Am I doing too little? Is there something wrong with me?

There could be something wrong – just not the way you think. When our bodies don’t rest and get enough REM sleep, we don’t feel great. Then on top of that, our hormones can get a bit wobbly like they’ve had a few too many at the work Christmas party. When this imbalance occurs, it can even further affect your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep.

The first step is to get your hormones back into balance. How do I do that you ask? NuWoman 30 PLUS. This “life saver” (genuine quote, check out our Facebook page for more reviews) is designed to bring your hormones back into balance, naturally. This in turn may help with getting back to sleep and staying asleep this silly season or at least in time to welcome a new you to a new year.