“I’m naturally a vibrant person but I was getting irritable and angry. Almost anti-social. I would drop kids off at school and not even want to walk them in”. Chantal Kerlin, 37, Auckland mum of three was clearly not happy and the future wasn’t looking bright. ‘‘It was like this horrible fog was over me and after every pregnancy it got worse”.

If you think Chantal was suffering from was some kind of illness, you’d be wrong. Because it wasn’t an illness at all. It was hormones. Grumpiness, intolerance, lack of confidence, even difficulty sleeping – hormones can cause a multitude of feelings and all easily triggered by seemingly innocuous things. The kids are playing up, someone cut you off on the motorway, you missed an appointment. Everyday triggers can turn your life, and often your family’s, upside down.

Fortunately for Chantal she spotted the warning signs early even though it took a while to find support she felt comfortable with. Her first stop was her doctor. “They would always give me medicated pills to be more stable, to be a nicer mum, but I didn’t like that. I wanted to go down a more natural path. That’s when a friend suggested 30 PLUS NuWoman”

30 PLUS NuWoman is a formula specifically designed to support hormonal balance. It focuses on oestrogen and progesterone levels, helping them stay balanced naturally. For Chantal, it’s helped her more than she thought. “It’s been amazing. I feel more confident, the fog has gone. My husband and kids have noticed. I wish I had found this 9 years ago when I had my first child but I have now and I can’t speak more highly about it”.

You can hear more about Chantal’s story by watching her video interview or visit our homepage to learn about other women that 30 PLUS NuWoman has helped.

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