Weight gain

Obviously hormonal imbalance isn’t necessarily the only reason for weight gain. Many other factors such as bad diet and lack of exercise can also lead to weight gain. However, you may find it exceptionally difficult to lose weight if your hormone levels are whack as the body is unable to function correctly to burn fat.

Stomach fat and loss of muscle

When hormones are imbalanced the body makes more of some hormones and less of others. High levels of hormones such as cortisol make the body store fat for future use, and this in turn can lead to belly fat!


Tiredness often results from fluctuations in blood sugar. This may be due to eating too much sugar, or could be underlying hormonal imbalance issues. When there is too much Oestrogen in the body, blood sugar levels can effected and cause spikes and crashes causing tiredness between meals.

Reduced libido

The main cause of reduced libido is the result of a lack of sleep, or lack of good quality sleep. The “sex hormone” is produced while we sleep, and so less sleep means less libido. Less sleep, or bad quality sleep can result from an imbalance of hormones causing the body to not function correctly, and hence not be able to regulate sleep.

Mood Swings, Anxiousness and Irritability

All of these symptoms are caused by an excess of either Oestrogen or Progesterone in your body. At certain times in the menstrual cycle the delicate balance between these two hormones vary. These variations are what control the stages of your menstrual cycle, which is why certain times of the month can turn you into a different person!

How 30 PLUS can help

30 PLUS NuWoman can help you to naturally deal with these hormonal imbalance issues. It is a scientifically formulated hormone support supplement for women that contains no hormones, or hormone mimicking chemicals. The ingredients are specifically formulated to help the body maintain a natural hormonal balance, which can often be difficult in modern life due to synthetic source of hormones such as the contraceptive pill and BPA plastics. 30 PLUS NuWoman is trusted by thousands of women in Australia and New Zealand. Why not check out our Facebook page, which has tons of reviews from women we have helped.