How Does NuWoman Work?

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Hormones play a massive role in your body’s overall function and even your emotional & mental well-being. An imbalance is not what we need. As women, we have a huge weight placed on our shoulders by both ourselves and society. We juggle our own expectations of self as well what society (eg family, friends, media, social media) expects of us. 

Our two core supplements are NuWoman 30 PLUS and NuWoman BALANCE; they are scientifically formulated supplements designed to support women suffering from hormonal imbalance. Made with ingredients that are formulated to help regulate women’s hormones and assist with the signs that are associated with hormonal imbalance. 

These natural ingredients are:

  • Cimi-Max® – is the hormonal controlling agent in NuWoman due to its proven effect upon the hormonal system.
  • Tyrosine – assists in regulating adrenal and thyroid function as well as improving moods.  Can lead to increased energy, weight loss and a reduction in anxious feelings.
  • Chromium – balances blood sugar levels which can increase energy levels and reduce food cravings, especially foods high in sugar.
  • Vitamin B6, B9, B12 – increases oestrogen clearance via the liver. This helps reduce oestrogen dominance and supports hormonal balance.
  • Calcium is a mineral found in many foods. The body needs calcium to maintain strong bones and to carry out many important functions.


NuWoman is designed for women of all ages and now, with the addition of BALANCE for the younger women in our lives who may need a little extra support with a single tablet a day.

The benefit of taking NuWoman is:

  • You are taking a natural, hormone-free supplement for hormonal fluctuations during everyday life
  • You may find a reduction in anxious feelings and those horrible emotional outbursts
  • You may also find you are less angry, irritated, less stressed or overwhelmed and your moods may stabilise.
  • Signs of PMS may lessen and you may experience less issues with your cycle.
  • With having balanced hormones, you may find that you are naturally feeling better about life.
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