What is NuWoman

Menopause + Bone?

The NuWoman brand has been successfully providing support to women locally and internationally to help balance their hormones for over twenty years. NuWoman offers you effective support to balance your hormones with a natural plant and mineral based hormones-free supplement.

As we journey through the various stages of being a woman from late teens and the hormone joys that roller coaster brings, through to other events like starting a family, or a career or both, your hormone journey alters too. 

Over the years many NuWoman users of BALANCE and 30 PLUS have asked our team if there was something else to help them through the next stage of life, was there a way to “take the heat along with the aches away from Menopause?” 

Our research and development team at NuWoman have spent the past few years developing NuWoman Menopause + Bone Support specifically for women as they journey through this next stage of life while balancing the issues of Menopause along with offering support for their bones.

What is NuWoman Menopause + Bone Support One A Day Capsule?

NuWoman Menopause + Bone Support One A Day has proven hormonal health ingredients designed specifically for menopausal women.

Our high strength formulation of our renowned Cimi-Max® is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to support successful menopause transition whilst providing essential support for bones for mature women.

Support for:

  • Hot Flushes
  • Night Sweats
  • Mental clarity, “brain fog”
  • Emotional balance
  • Assist normal balanced temperature
  • Relaxing sleep
  • Bone health


NuWoman Menopause + Bone is a scientifically formulated hormone-free natural dietary supplement designed to support women through menopause while maintaining bone health.

In a convenient one-a-day capsule NuWoman Menopause + Bone is a comprehensive formula of ingredients to support temperature control, sleep, libido, mental clarity, mood and energy which can be problematic during menopause.  

As we age, women’s bone health requires extra support and NuWoman Menopause + Bone contains a combination of vitamins and minerals to ensure more advanced absorption of Calcium for bone health.

For more information on the ingredients check out our ingredients page.