Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2

Vitamin D & K work as a team.

Vitamin D3

1. Improves calcium absorption: Vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium from the food you eat
2. Taking calcium from bone: When you don’t consume enough calcium, Vitamin D maintains its blood levels by drawing on the body’s main calcium supply ie your bones

Vitamin D ensures that your blood levels of calcium are high enough to meet your body’s needs.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K regulates where the calcium ends up in your body in at least two ways:
1. Promotes calcification of bone: Vitamin K activates osteocalcin, a protein that promotes the accumulation of calcium in bones & teeth
2. Reduces calcification of soft tissues

Other NuWoman Ingredients

  • Cimi-Max® – (Cimifuga racemosa) high dose (975mg) of our standardized extract unique to NuWoman known for positive effects on hormonal health in one a day capsule format. 
  • Magnesium – Magnesium 140mg derived from magnesium oxide and functions include helping with muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure, supporting the immune system and sleep.
  • CalciumCalcium 200mg derived from Calcium Carbonate to support bones. It is well known that bone health deteriorates as women age and levels of soft tissue calcium are maintained at the expense of bone in the face of inadequate calcium intake or absorption.